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    • This HAS to be the stupidest thing I’ve read about the student protest! I mean I realize that it’s life or death for these idiots (more object-oriented areas = more books/essays one can write), but this is really pushing it. Not only because protesters using objects is as old as protests themselves, but the final conclusion about students losing sympathy because the protests turned “human-oriented? I mean if someone was saying these things in public, I would just get up and yell “Are you out of your fucking mind?” How much more idiotic can this trend get?

    • LOL. That’s much better than “structures onto the streets” 😉

      Maybe someone shall tell those ANT guys that edges in graphs can also be weighted. However it will become hard to get the weights out of their “theory”. Shit happens!

    • “However, it was a pity that the protest at one point turned human-oriented…”

      I– I– is this serious? I mean, I actually like reading Harman et al, but I can’t even tell whether this is tongue-in-cheek or not. I feel like I’m reading a Sokal-style send-up. (Not the whole piece, but this sentence for sure).

      • When I’d apply the most positive reading than he complains about replacing the messages with human bodies and emotions. It becomes kind of a Zizekian criticism of the anti-intellectualism of the media which fail to present messages, concepts, arguments etc. instead of people.

        However this is unrelated to ANT or OOO because placards as actors are abstracted away. No one cares about placards as real objects, withdrawn from their sensual properties i.e. their messages.

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  2. Panic on the streets of London and Harman… goes on safari. Can’t they even pretend to be serious. He should have taken Levi with him to perk him up. No amount of fellating from Tim can help his turgid ideas.

    • “Nov. 19, Tarangire National Park,Tanzania. Without realizing it, we briefly become trapped in the middle of a herd of around 200 elephants. Luckily they have a good sense of smell and can tell individual humans apart, since the elephants in this park were angered two years ago when poachers entered and killed 6 baby elephants. All the local guides swear that in retaliation, 25 adult elephants traced the poachers to their village outside the park and laid waste to everything, including their cornfields.

      It was also in Tarangire, last year, that a 10-year-old-boy foolishly ran off from the lodge by himself and was devoured by a leopard.”

      So were the elephants human-oriented or turned human-oriented, whereas this shit can write a paragraph like the last one? and followed by a ‘man’s insensitivity to animals’ Bible story.

      As if the first paragraph were not inane enough: We get 200 elephants surrounding Harman and among these elephants are 25 who certainly remembered the scents of elephant-murderers of TWO FUCKING YEARS AGO, they sound almost intelligent as the goddam dolphins in St. Thomas, where an old bf. of mine taught scuba diving for a dame who claimed to have an affair with a dolphin named Peter. Well, I’ll bet that was what his name was. And his explanation of the story was that ‘Peter killed himself because she wouldn’t continue her affair with him…I mean, after all, she’s married’. Otherwise, I was expected to take this at face value.

      So that gave him the right to relish the words ‘foolishly’ for a 10-year-old, as well as ‘devoured’.

      Gripping…provocative…almost as good as a Helen Gurley Brown first draft. Jesus.

      Like the idea of ‘helping someone’s ideas’, although ‘turbid’ ones just as good as ‘turgid’. Some bleugers get their ideas helped by claiming that ‘the left is not violent, it is not within its power’, and spending all their fool time complaining about how leftists write for the right wingers. Then they still don’t get a ‘job’.

      • He’s a wanna-be Alphonso Lingis with all that travel-around-the-world experience and shit… I’m sure he’d get all pissy if someone pointed out that his whole shtick is basically Lingis-junior.

  3. Thanks for the education on Lingis, I read a bit of it, interesting.

    I guess Harman is being true to his ‘non-relational’ and ‘non-human-oriented’ stance, except it could follow that this is ‘human-hating’. My point was that ‘tragically’ is appropriate for a 10-year-old, not ‘foolishly’, since the child was killed. And ‘killed’ is appropriate, not ‘devoured’, which is unnecessarily graphic, and suggests images that are totally hateful–maybe one could even say ‘pornographic’, because the images wouldn’t come to mind with ‘killed’, but with ‘devoured’, it’s very obvious you get a different image. Really just LOATHSOME.

  4. I believe Harman is pitching to the pre-teen audience or should that be pre-school. Now you see the big bad object. Now you don’t. Harman is a toy thief. Levi breaks all his. In another of his hatchet jobs on Deleuze he replaces buggery with a ‘fount of creation.’ Appropriating creationist metaphors must be part of his new tea party politics. The pope would be proud but his holiness cannot be out-trumped. Male prostitutes are now morally sanctioned to use condoms. Shouldn’t that be femidoms? Or perhaps sticking one on yer head will scare away the punters.

    • oh christ yes, esp. since when I first saw the article with that already hilarious title ‘In Rare Cases, Pope Justifies Use of Condoms’, I was sure I was in for another dull article on Ugandan female prostitutes who hadn’t somehow died out in the earlier epidemics. Instead, we get a ‘direction toward moralization’ so the Pope doesn’t have to follow ‘one hand washes the other’ with the paedophile priests–this is the payoff fantasy, and a little thumb and middle finger hopefulness.

      Who said Life at the Top was easy? At least the Queen still gets to run Sandringham Stud, and makes the point quite adamantly in PBS bios: “That’s MY job…” says the always capable monarch.

      “he replaces buggery with a ‘fount of creation.’”

      Yes, he wouldn’t be able to see that buggery is one of those situations in which the means justify the ends and need no long-terming planning, even if there were a repeat of banks being legally threatened to get no future bailout since the Fed will have to do it anyway.

      It ended up the Beauty Contest was a tie, since there were only two judges and one was offline, and HE is the one that thought the mean one looked ‘intelligent’ or something. Myself, I like those who can write exquisite verse and tell me their Christian names w/o fear of Euston Station shootouts.

  5. ‘direction toward moralization’

    Well, pardon me, I normally disallow pedantry compulsive disorder to rule in bleugposts, but in this case the correct phrase needs to be entered:

    “the first step in the direction of a moralization”

    I think it’s the ‘a moralization’ that is more that the pope was drunk when he said this than the ‘first step’ business.

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