Alphonso Lingis (2 talks)

In A Natural History of the Senses, Diane Ackerman comments on  Alphonso  Lingis:

Alphonso Lingis—whose unusual books, Excesses and Libido, consider the realms of human sensuality and kinkiness—travels the world sampling its exotic erotica. Often he primes the pump by writing letters to friends. I possess some extraordinary letters, half poetry, half anthropology, he sent me from a Thai jail (where he took time out from picking vermin to write), a convent in Ecuador, Africa (where he was scuba-diving along the coast with filmmaker Leni Riefenstahl), and Bali (where he was taking part in fertility rituals).

Although I find Lingis’ writing a bit over the top at times, it’s certainly never boring or uninteresting.

Here are links to a couple of compelling videos of Lingis–I think–reading from his forthcoming book, Violence and Splendor (here) and (here)

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