Shhhh…It’s just me, the Prof Whisperer

I’ve been too busy to weigh in seriously on the recent debates over speculative realism, weird realism, who’s reading Kant fairly, and object-oriented philosophy this week, but I think that I’m going to make a “Kant police”  badge for Mikhail.  Regardless, I did want to call attention a post written by  the always delightful Carl Dyke over at Dead Voles:  “Shhhhhh….it’s just me, the Prof Whisperer!”  Carl’s title is “Tell me I’m beautiful,” but I like mine better.

By the way, am I the only one who hates those toilets that have sensors and automatically flush at the most inappropriate moments?  Annoying.

6 thoughts on “Shhhh…It’s just me, the Prof Whisperer

  1. You’re too kind. Right after I posted, I realized I missed the chance to add yet another layer of dubious pop-culture association by titling it “Tell me more about my eyes,” perhaps my favorite line ever from a Bugs Bunny cartoon (and there are many). But I like your title too.

    I consider the bathroom a place of relaxation and quiet reflection, so I practically jump out of my skin sometimes with those damn flushers. On the other hand when I see what some people will leave in the terlet rather than stoop to flushing manually, I’m at least a little grateful for the robo-assist.

  2. Actually, I was thinking about acknowledgment/recognition as one of my colleagues annoyingly followed me into the bathroom as we were discussing one thing or another and then insisted still on talking to me all the while the toilet kept flushing for no reason. It’s the bathroom, give me a break. I even went into the stall naively thinking it would put an end to end the conversation…

    And this was one of those Lovejoy sun-always-shining chipper type of colleague….

  3. Ah. There was an interesting discussion along these lines awhile ago at another joint, I think it might have been Gentleman’s C. The assertion was that bathrooms are a bastion of male dominance because guys go in there and conduct business with each other to the exclusion of women. I found no fault with the larger concern, but remarked that there is a presumptive etiquette of non-communication in boys’ rooms in the way of that specific hypothesis, and was agreed with by several other male commenters. I also suggested that boys wanting to ditch girls for business could just as easily and much more pleasantly arrange meetings in bars. But several other men confirmed that such conversations do occur; and I have to admit that I’ve run across guys who wouldn’t shut up in there more than once. So I think we may be dealing with one of those unexpected cultural divides that brings what we take for granted into focus.

  4. I confess that if I have to go to the bathroom right before a class, I use the one that is as far removed from the classroom as possible out of fear of running into a student and having an awkward back and forth, a student I will have to encounter in an educational setting a moment later – my logic is simple: if they see me use the bathroom, they will lose respect, I’m human just like them, how will they ever trust anything I say?

  5. For some reason I feel like I want to mention here that when I first ran across the phrase “penis envy” it seemed obvious to me that it referred to boys comparing themselves to each other. I couldn’t believe it when I found out what it ‘really’ meant – what a daffy idea. Then I found that footnote in Civ and Its Discontents about women being subordinated in prehistory because they were anatomically incapable of indulging the urge to piss on fire. The mere daffiness of penis envy snapped into a larger frame of comprehensive daffiness, and I was content.

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