Graham Harman Blogs.

Check out Graham Harman’s new blog. I think Shahar posted something on Guerrilla Metaphysics some time back. Harman posts like three hundred posts an hour, so there’s plenty to read… Plus he sounds like a really down-to-earth sort of a guy which is always nice when it comes to philosophical types, although we mostly like pretension and arrogance here on PE, of course.

7 thoughts on “Graham Harman Blogs.

  1. Dominic’s post announcing Harman’s blog (one announcement among many, really) caught my eye because it uses the term fabuousity, if only those guys from Queer Eye for the Straight Guy made use of it.

    Yes, I quite liked Guerrilla Metaphysics (major points for talking about Al Lingis!) but I’m still not sure I can swallow the whole vicarious causation thing, perhaps if I have some time I’ll write something about it.

  2. Alas, no, it was faduousity. “b”s and “d”s…my5-year-old daughter has trouble with those. She writes me charming little notes: “I love you babby”

  3. Dominic, I hope you’re implying that Shahar basically has a mind of a 5 year old girl 🙂

    I think Harman’s output is pretty interesting so far, I mean it’s barely 3 days in, the man must run out of thoughts/posts at some point! I wish he’d play around a bit with graphics though, the shades of black and grey isn’t really my favorite part of the palette – the eye tires… Plus you can’t really see if there are comments unless you click on the post which is sort of strange as well.

  4. Ack. Sorry.

    I think I really need glasses. I did the same thing this morning in another context.

    Or, I think I may have simply confused myself with the Queer Eye reference, in which fab*uousity would be appropriate, but I didn’t “follow through” with the fad*uosity.

    Another reference soiled. Hope you don’t feel too dirty, Dominic.

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