Lenin’s Complete Works

In case you’re looking to buy Lenin’s complete works, I highly recommend this Russian store that ships overseas (depending you how much you’re willing to pay, it might take a while) and generally is a great source for Russian books – I have tried many various ways of supplying myself with Russian books and I have to tell you that the stores that sells Russian books in the US are no good: they overcharge (knowing the difference in book prices in both countries) and only sell old used books for the most part which only works if you want some Pushkin or Dostoevsky to casually put on your coffee table and impress that special someone: “Oh yeah, I was rereading it in Russian, so much better in the original, so much better…” 

Anyway, I found these two nice sets of Lenin’s complete works – one from 1975, another from 1926 – the first set is only 18.000 rubles for 57 volumes (around $720). There are plenty of editions, of course, but the 1975 has most of the “official” works and if you’re looking for things published after 1990s – like nice telegrams to “kill them all” or letters that mention affairs and so on – don’t look for it in the collected works.

For example, this 2007 edition of Lenin’s Theory of Violence could be potentially an interesting read in light of today’s political developments and it will only cost you 140 rubles ($6) for over 250 pages and hardback. The cheapest shipping cost is usually around $20-25 which is not that bad considering that if you buy anything from amazon.de or amazon.fr it will probably cost you something similar.

8 thoughts on “Lenin’s Complete Works

  1. Thank you for the information. I’m sure it will be useful to those who seek Lenin’ s complete works. However, the Russian tongue is a language I do not speak or understand . Any idea where I can find his complete works in English, Spanish or even Italian?

  2. I have a complete set of the collected works of Lenin in English to sell. this is 45 Vol. plus 2 Vol. Index. Published by Progress Pubs (USSR) in 70’s. All in excellent condition, hardbound, w/dust covers. One or two may have my first name written in them, but no notes in margins, etc. Buyers and any idea how to sell are welcome.

  3. Do you have the complete set of lenin’s collected works in english that I could buy? Also is there a Russian store that would sell the entire complete works in English or get in translated?

  4. I am from the UK but have recently moved to Lithuania and have aquired the full set of Lenin’s Collected works in the original Russian. They are hardback books embossed with Lenin’s head and his signature on the covers. I am looking to sell them. Do you know anyone who would be interested in buying them. I realise this is a very specific collectors item, hence contacting interested individuals rather than just selling on ebay.

    I can send photos and further information etc if you or anyone you know is interested.

    Kind Regards
    Fay James

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