Brian Leiter Strikes (Yet) Again.

People informed me of this hilarity:

Ha ha, funny joke, everybody laugh at the funny joke!

My favorite part, you ask? Leiter is making fun of the review solicited by Norte Dame Philosophical Review while being on its editorial board and giddily pointing it out.

P.S. Harman, of course, must declare that this is the reason why Analytics and Continentals are forever enemies. Yawn…

P.S.S. I can’t wait for Leiter to get his tentacles around all that “object-oriented” bullshit – that would really be fun fun times (I mean, let’s face it, Leiter knows his condescending mocking better than anyone in the business)…

7 thoughts on “Brian Leiter Strikes (Yet) Again.

  1. smooth move by BL on that comment pointing towards the editorial board, having his talking-shit-about-fellow-academics cake and eating it by still being too cowardly to actually call them out by name.

  2. My favorite response:

    I think being under the spell of the Other beats being under the spell of trolley carts and fake barns.

    Posted by: Lars | November 22, 2010 at 05:15 AM

    Ironically, just yesterday I was teaching the trolley problem…

  3. CS Lewis puts into the mouth his devil Screwtape the observation (I paraphrase): Only someone very clever can make a joke about virtue, but anyone can talk as if virtue were funny. This sort of flippancy functions as a surrogate for argument all too often. I realize of course that it’s also true that anyone can talk as if they are imparting great and profound truths, and I would not want to conflate deconstruction with virtue; but I find this sort of snide in-crowd self-congratulatory, “how clever we are to see through all that,” to be well on the down-slide to the nadir of integrity.

  4. Maybe that last comment wasn’t in the best of taste. You might delete it. Still, I can’t figure out why Leiter hates Critchley so.

  5. Don’t miss the other funny joke in comments — today moved up to the main page — about “Jewish poker.” You see, I had never heard that one before. That’s why it’s particularly funny! (Oh wait, I’m using irony; I better stop and make a Rigourous Argument so that I may Write Clearly.)

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