Thinking Intercorporeality

I want to call attention to a rather interesting article by Gail Weiss, “Intertwined Identities: Challenges to Bodily Autonomy,” in the latest (well, 2009) issue of Perspectives: International Postgraduate Journal of Philosophy.  Here’s the abstract:

Over the last decade, the international media has devoted increasing attention to operations that separate conjoined twins. Despite the fairly low odds that a child or adult will survive the operation with all of their vital organs intact, most people fail to question the urgency of being physically separated from one’s identical twin. The drive to surgically tear asunder that which was originally joined, I suggest, is motivated in part by a refusal to acknowledge intercorporeality as a basic condition of human existence that doesn’t undermine identity but makes it possible in the first place.

Read the whole thing here (pdf).

34 thoughts on “Thinking Intercorporeality

  1. But what if, as is reasonable to forecast, sometime in the twenty-first century separation surgery becomes mostly successful, without years of follow-up surgery needed? It seemed to me that force of the author’s argument came down mainly to the awful results of current surgery.
    Adult, or not even, let’s say five year old conjoined twins have come into a life in which they experience and share in a unique way, (and also have made sacrifices, of course). For them, and for the sake of a heteronormative society, it is very important that they see a real life option in remaining conjoined. However, for a newborn this perspective and these experiences have not formed, not according to the same categories. So why not, if there were an effective way to do it (which it seems clear there isn’t), separate?
    Thanks forlinking to this article, I will be thinking about it for a while

  2. I read as much of the article as I could stand. I suppose antidividuals and other Marxists would like the idea of this ‘intercorporeality’ determines identity–yeah, right, especially that kind. jesus. I don’t even know why I read 3 pp. of the pdf. Of course, if it’s ever possible to separate them–whether at birth or later–if possible without giving them nervous breakdowns at some ‘sense of loss’ if they were too old to take it–then of course they should. Intercorporeality will not cure loneliness, and they will always be seen as freaks, even by the kind ones.

    “For them, and for the sake of a heteronormative society, it is very important that they see a real life option in remaining conjoined.”

    What, pray tell, does their remaining conjoined do ‘for the sake of a heteronormative society’? Please, you’re almost as bad as Miss Weiss. ‘For them’, yes; they might spend all their lives in a Phantom Limb Fugue State, but they could have counselling, esp. if it were done at an early enough age, although birth is best.

    “The drive to surgically tear asunder that which was originally joined, I suggest, is motivated in part by a refusal to acknowledge intercorporeality as a basic condition of human existence that doesn’t undermine identity but makes it possible in the first place.”

    Well, Miss Weiss can suggest all she wants, that’s dumber than Harman’s safari tales. As for the ‘heteronormative’, I want to pound in your head that if it’s a man and woman parts showing, they’re going to have problems unless they both really get with the heteronormative program, even if both are homosexual. Although in your visionary appeal (I do, of course, agree, that it’s very possible they’ll figure out how to do it, and then they should, there is nothing whatsoever advantageous socially in being permanently conjoined bodies. They’d have to find special groups to have any kind of social life, or just lie on the internet, which is the more likely, because almost nobody would want to hang out with them. Miss Weiss is Jewish, and if she’s worrited about things being surgically torn asunder that were originally surgically joined, she’s got some more useful outlets that she can work on. Women usually don’t care that much about that, though (although A. does, this is because she thinks Muslims wouldn’t do it.) She probably likes the vaguely Lesbian sensation that must occur with the intercorporeality, especially if one is butch and the other a fluff.

    Good Lord, the womern doesn’t seem to realize that people are born with birth defects ‘naturally’ too

  3. Safari Man is heading in your direction, I’m afraid. Meanwhile his best friend’s self-explorations in Lacano-structuralist-mysticism include a complaint about “[c]onceptual agents that do all the work in the order of things without themselves being explained,” an example of which is – apparently – Marx’s critique of political economy. Well, the explanation is there for anyone to read, and most of us understand it pretty well, thank you, so don’t go projecting your ignorance onto us. Oh, and Althusser, you know, actually had some critics, and I don’t just mean of the post-structuralist variety. Something else to add to the ‘ol reading list.

    • Thank you, Utisz, and all others, for reminding me to check the Baedeker. It’s surely one of the most exotic and distasteful ones I’ve yet collected…for example, I might have missed this choice morsel:

      “I’ll be in Los Angeles quite soon, as in Friday, but will be staying in Malibu with the family of friends.”

      There’s nothing like the ‘kiss of chic’ poorly wrought. I’ve changed my policy on bleug-writing: Occasional hastily overlooked errors are all right, but sometimes there is a pattern which is not acceptable. There is no possible excuse for the ‘but’ in this case, since ‘and’ is all that was needed. Surely it must stem from the title of the post which is ‘Soon’. Now that’s all fine for the elephant detectives from the murders of two years ago, so they can give clearance (if not terminal numbers from Expedia), but I rather doubt the anticipation implied in this title is warranted–at least in Malibu, I doubt that buzz is ‘Graham Harman really will be here in 4 or 5 days! ‘Malibu’ always sounds good, even though it’s got its ‘semi-poor’ parts just like Beverly Hills. Incredibly beautiful though, and there’s one fence opening where you can see the Colony, although it’s pretty hick to traipse through it and instantly turned into nobodies–but it does glitter. But the ‘but’ comes from making ‘Los Angeles’ and ‘Malibu’ somehow different, I guess. It’s part of LA County, but incorporated as a ‘city’ in 1991 (I just looked that up), but definitely considered part of Los Angeles. Beverly Hills is inside Los Angeles and has much longer been a separate city with fire dept., police, etc. Sorry, I’m a geography freak.

      The worst of his Paul Therouxism was that post about how ugly the Champs-Elysees is; I was in disbelief, since it’s superb, much better than Fifth or Madison here, although I like those too. With those poplars like that? And all of French history always marching there? And that you get the Arc de Triomphe, not to mention at the other end the glorious Place de la Concorde? But I could tell on the several months back Paris Baedeker, with, I think, Warsaw, in between, that he didn’t like Paris (they don’t even anticipate their own celebs, much less the OOO ones).

      At least we know about his vegetarianism, which relieves me to no end. I am sure it is a fault of mine, but I have never liked any vegetarians, even though I did it myself for one whole year. The Great Man will be comfortably protected by an airplane from the horrors of turkey, while my lowly concern is that Julius’ might run out of stuffing before I get there the way they did last year, really just so insufferable.

      Happy Thanksgiving, Mikhail, Shahar, Utisz, and the other perverts that run this otherwise excellent bleug.

      • It is true that UCLA is pretty gorgeous too, though. I didn’t see it till 2007, where I saw a nice ‘Nutcracker’ there at Xmas, by LA Ballet. Not fabulous like the one at NYCBallet, but very nice, it’s one of the most beautiful campuses I’ve ever seen.

      • Here’s what Harman writes on Nov. 29:

        “This afternoon I was at the Getty Villa in Malibu. I actually went there back in December 1994 on my only other visit to L.A., taken there by some Chicago friends who had moved out here. But alarmingly enough, I discovered today that I had almost no memory whatsoever of that visit. It was almost as if I were there for the very first time.”

        Here’s what Harman writes on Nov. 30:

        “My hosts in Malibu assure me that there’s a very good reason for why I had no memory at all of the Getty Villa– since my 1994 visit there it was torn down and rebuilt in a completely different layout. Apparently it was closed for several years in the process.

        Nonetheless, I still have no vivid memory of what the old one looked like, and 16 years isn’t that long.”

        Here’s the fact about the resuscitation of the Malibu Getty (which is actually technically in neighboring less-prestigious Pacific Palisades; like I said, ‘Malibu’ also SIGNIFIES, it means sunsets with Michelle Pfeiffer breezing by, etc., and smiling pleasantly at an unknown to appear gracious.):

        “Notice: After being closed since 1997, The Getty Villa in Malibu
        finally reopened to the public in January of 2006.

        The $275 millon expansion has added a brand new entrance way, an amphitheater for outdoor performances, a larger café, an auditorium and new research facilities, as well as a new parking garage. The villa itself has undergone a number of changes: a new entrance and color scheme, new windows on the top floor and a new grand staircase. ”

        So we see that the post’s title ‘good, my memory isn’t totally destroyed’ is not true, but misleading: It’s mostly destroyed.

        I’ve personally never been inside the Getty Villa, although I’ve seen it atop its hill some 4 times, beginning 1984. The 1997 opening of the bigger Getty in Bel Air I have been to twice, and that’s spectacular too.

        There are also new posts about ‘partially withdrawn’ being impossible, since an object is a ‘unity’. Perhaps the renovation of the Getty is a ‘partial withdrawal from its current spiffed-up incarnation, while ‘razing’ or ‘being torn down’ would have been a complete withdrawal.

        Doesn’t he care anything about factual accuracy in reporting? Is that a habit of philosophers in general? What kind of Malibuians don’t know if the Villa was ‘torn down’ or ‘renovated’, given that there’s a major difference?

        Thank you.

  4. “Safari Man”? I like it!

    And speaking of projecting ignorance – I find this a rather predominant trait in the academy – is it just me? I mean there are in my estimation (based on observation, mostly) two ways of dealing with not knowing something: faking it and insisting that one, of course, knew all of this all along (for parts that are understood) and that the rest is nonsense (for parts that are not understood). Faking it I like (who doesn’t fake once in a while?), but that second arrogant way I hate. Especially in this form:

    A: I’m thinking about objects and shit.

    B: Oh yeah? Sounds interesting – are you dealing with the works of X and Y?

    A: No, I can’t imagine they said anything interesting because if they did, being a smart and well-read person, I would surely come across their work, but since I didn’t, it must not have been really good and important.

    B: Well, I think you should look into it, might be helpful and will save you time.

    A: Why must you oppress me with your hegemonic insistence upon a canon of “approved” philosophers? I want to explore and study non-philosophical sciences, I want to get out of this traditional rut and get out there blah blah blah

    B: [3 hours and 5 long blog posts later]: Yeah, I have to go now…

    • No, I can’t imagine they said anything interesting because if they did, being a smart and well-read person, I would surely come across their work, but since I didn’t, it must not have been really good and important.

      Google page rank is the epistemology of the 21st century and attention is an economical good. It’s not that there aren’t relevant inputs for a contemporary philosophical system.

      The major effect of following philosophical / scientific debates ( and their meanness ) on the web over the years has been curiously the opposite of the “realist turn” advocated by our friends. One can really see social-construction-in-action and this doesn’t need any language bloat created by social constructivists which is used to fascinate their adepts.

  5. And another thing, the turbulent priest himself never goes on ‘attacks’, oh no. To the arrogance Mikhail once called out I’d add hypocrisy.

  6. A: I listen to my critics because I am a caring business concern. After two weeks of extensive study I am now a certified Derrida expert (My CV says so) and I can fuck him up the arse all I want.

    B: There is cum in my hair and your dick is hanging out.

    Unfortunately all of Levi’s offspring have his same pudgy face. He must have found a use for Laruelle after all. There can be only One.

    • You’re always so nice to wake up to, d.p…I see you’ve been doing some imaginative thought on Incorporeality and how it can be used in Germ Warfare against the Arpegian Menace. Now me, I’ve been involved with more high-toned pursuits, such as watching the biker movie ‘Angels Die Hard’ over and over, esp. love the strings of bikers in the Antelope Valley with the soundtrack either ‘Death is a Dancer (Who Really Cares?) sung by Fever Tree, and ‘Lookin’ for Kern County Line’.

      Recommend this masterpiece to few, though. It’s by Richard Compton, who later made ‘Macon County Line’, and there are lots of good scenes with Tom Baker, William Smith and other nonchalant basket.

  7. Re: Malibu

    It smells of his theory of irreversible space (it smells of pee). It’s one of his rigorous irrefutable arguments from Guerilla Metaphysics. The type of argument he is always lauding Meillassoux for. But wait what stunning display of philosophical virtuosity does he come up with for his criticism of Meillassoux?

    “[his] decision in favor of “immanence” is simply a temperamental decision on his part.”

    Sorry Quentin we may have hyped you as the savior of continental philosophy but on second thoughts you’re a bit shit.

    • oh christ, you were right about the pre-school demographic although I can’t find that one here about the safari faux pas gaucheries.

      Also, abiding nearby, is some attempt at damage control for this: “Sorry Quentin we may have hyped you as the savior of continental philosophy but on second thoughts you’re a bit shit.”‘ he’s decided to let Martin or, like, you know, somebody, take the fall for that, and people will forget for awhile that he said anything that might imply ‘you’re a bit shit’. (That I will plagiarize, as we ought to say it in the etats-unis, and don’t.)

      There’s something very Lady Gaga about these OOO personnel, I mean I suppose we’re at least in a post-Paris-Hilton period, since she can’t do anything because the judge said “she will spend a year in jail. There will be no discussion. The court will have no discretion.,” if she got caught with any more cultural product up ‘er Prada. Plus, Harman-Bryant almost as cultivated as Miss Gaga.

      • Meillassoux is Harman’s last friend from the legendary “Speculative Realism” conference. He learns things about Grant and Brassier by googling them, but through personal communication. Of course, Harman’s explanation is that the four of the “founding members” went their own ways after the great “Event” (which of course is bullshit as there was no event at all, only in Harman’s head), but it’s still said to see, once in a while, Harman’s note about Grant’s supposed “turn to idealism” only to receive a note from Grant’s co-authors about how that’s not the case! I bet you the other three probably hate this one, but are too classy to say so openly.


        Last night this was an incensed post about how ‘I know who tattled to Bryan Leiter’. I guess it’s somebody here, maybe it was even written down, but it truly is an urgent matter. Could Harman maybe be a beadle? Because clearly he is going to be looking for work with the new OOO precarite.

        So, it seems he deleted that, because good boy Levi wrote a ‘Nice response’. The ‘response’ is done in that faux-condescending style Bryant does sometimes, although I haven’t read him enough to recognize it till now. He refers sarcastically to Leiter as a ‘celebrity’, etc., not realizing that his and Harman’s ‘celebrity’ is most relative indeed, and this is fortunate for the rest of the world of both humans and objects.

        Really the only thing new here (as far as I can see) is the clear position of Harman as a kind of ‘office comptroller’ type, it cracked me up. There are parodies all the time, so I don’t know why he took this one so seriously. I looked it Bryant’s bleug just now, which does boast, acc. to him, several thousand hits per day. Well, so big deal already. Anyway, just that the comments are all this ass-sucking stuff, almost as fulsome as Morton’s. Whole Harman Enterprise is pretty funny to me.

        What did you do with ‘Holiday Fun’, I never got to read it? Were y’all being too naughty or something? By the time I looked, there were 4 comments, and if you clicked, it said ‘oops, who gave you that link?’ or something like that. I see those are deleted by now too.

      • Thought you might care to see that Harman misspelled ‘anthropomorphism’ fully 3 times, so I didn’t put up the link before he fixes it. At least Morton spelled it right. Of these, ‘anthropormhism’ is easily the best, and probably has to do with the new imprimateurship conferred by Slavoj–it’s like the first announcement of their bifurcation (you should be as thrilled as I am by such a pregnancy):

        “Morton on anthropormhismDecember 22, 2010
        Here is MORTON LAMENTING the usual “anthromorphism” charge. As Tim knows, I get that as much as anyone, and it’s a long battle that will take awhile to finish.

        My favorite response to it is Jane Bennett’s point that sometimes a bit of anthopomorphism is necessary to combat anthropocentrism. I don’t have Bennett’s book with me at the moment, so can’t quote it exactly.”

      • Candidate for worst book cover/title for next year:

        From the picture this looks like no-nonsense captains of industry style philosophy. Unfortunately the light at that angle makes Meillassoux look like he has no neck. The series editors aren’t too bright either: “London-based speculative realism movement.”

        Something must definitely be wrong when you have to wait for Zizek to get it right:

        It is not only for those who want to understand Meillassoux, but also for those who want to witness a radical shit in the field of philosophy. It is a book that will shake the very foundations of your world!

      • Brick, honey, ah hope ye got y’all’s eyes full then, ’cause I been tellin’ you foh the longest time that Sistah-Womarn’s and Brother-Boy’s chill-dren all No-Neck Mon-stahs…

        Now, Mistah Harman thinks this kind of ‘troll’ is obviously male, wheah-as ah thought it sounded like Arpege on a rant, mo’ desp’rate than evah:

        Y’all have a Merry Xxxxxmas now, and then do ya little Iranian New Year when it comes time…is that with the pork dumplin’s now?

        Oh yeah, should mention something that might not be obvious to all: the 3 misspellings of ‘anthropomorphism’ were, of course, on purpose, and this is a thing of PURE HICKNESS, to wit, it’s always meant as a kind or rural-condescending thing to mispronounce or misspell something one wants to show hostility to. For example, my sister always refers to my friend ‘Christian’ as ‘Christen’, just to be a bitch. And you’ll find that fag argot contains a lot of this, Dejan practises a lot of it, from ‘Madanna’ to ‘Hallywud’ and the other one does it with ‘Vegetable’, which means either ‘Veal’ or ‘Plant’.

        Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have to make a Liber’an Salad for ou-ver holiday fare, since we’re Christ’en. I substitute Ham for the more authentic Spam of 3rd world cuisines.

      • doomed pilot wrote: ‘for those who want to understand Meillassoux, but also for those who want to witness a radical shit in the field of philosophy”

        Herr Smugness wrote: “Before being right or wrong, people are either serious or full of sh*t. That is a basic distinction of human types, and (I will claim in a publication at some point) the basic fact of ethics.”

        Was ‘at nobless oblige or sump’n? He’s ‘kind enough’, as the royals say, to read this here bleug? Who says you caint be a swinger and a Methodist Youth Fellowship counselor too?!!!! Next will come the apologies for ‘having to delete the bleug’ because Herr’s responsibilities as Heir Apparent in Verso have become too all-consuming.

        “the basic fact of ethics”

        Iowans think their WORK ETHIC is all there is to ethics. Lord, what are y’all serious philosophes going to do now? Well…I admit I never thought Zizek’s sense of humour was all that developed either, but this one has zero, it’s all shameless self-promotion hiding in plain sight, but in the Dull Version 2.0.

        Like I’ve always said ‘Some people will do ANYTHING to get famous!’ But I did not know that one could get famous for doing so little! There’s hardly anything that could be construed as more productive than academic internecine wars, I’ll grant Herr Harman that.

  8. My working hypothesis is that there are two types of philosopher, those who have dropped acid and those who haven’t.

    “no one is actually claiming that knowledge of a tree can take root and grow just like a real tree … In other words, you have to answer this question: what is the difference between perfect knowledge of a tree, and the tree itself? If you deny that they are the same (as you must) then you have to come up with some sort of theory as to how they

    This one clearly hasn’t.

    In other news David Lynch has released a single with a house beat and autotuned vocals:

    Not sure on this one but it is kinda catchy.

    • Ahhh but you forgot the third type: those who haven’t dropped acid but insist that they have.

      Harman posted a creepy picture of himself yesterday, staring at his computer, with a subscription like “Me, still jetlegged” – I was going to show it to a colleague (as a sign of utter narcisstic self-love mixed with easily detectable sadness of being all alone), but he quickly took it down…

  9. I had to look up the lyrics to that song, because I thought it said ‘Send me an angel, say it’s me..’ and I thought that was just WAY to original for most people (including Lynch); indeed it was ‘send me an angel, save me’, which is okay, but banal. Pretty song. You’d like ‘Death is a Dancer’ better, and it hasn’t aged either. ‘Night of the Lion’ is good too. Yes, send me a Hell’s Angel, I like it all except the too much beer part. I didn’t need an angel to save me, so I improved the lyric naturally. The voice still sounds like an extraterrestrial, though, but at least he’s not writing decomposition songs only.

    In other news, ‘CR’ has ‘re-radicalized’ and is going the Arpegian route, while to the lady’s chagrin, putting her in a fugue state. Unfortunately, she likes casualties in Communist strategy just fine, just like Mark Fisher, in his sinister-soudning Tweets–but feels a little like Marlene Dietrich when she was lumped with Joan Crawford as ‘box office poison’. This Parisian Communist is just fine with the proletarian as long as she can be the one well-dressed politburo wife. Meantime, she thinks it would be just Aw-FOOL if I knew the mysterious ‘Ads Without Products’ true ‘identity’; why, why, I’d ENDANGER his ‘important job!’ Fortunately or unfortunately, I DID decide to quit being so lazy, after offering traxus a photo of the Boy of Avon if he’d just save me the time, then I didn’t, and just googled. It took about FIFTEEN MINUTES, and I didn’t think his job was that important, but maybe that’s why he nearly jumped off the second floor balcony during some moments when bailiffs were either approaching or not. Paralysis has therefore occurred Chez Qlipoth.

    Mikhail, Harman is ‘jetlagged’ (I agree we’ve heard some uninteresting Reader’s Digest entries about this state as it continues to fluctuate), not ‘jetlegged’. THAT he is NOT.

  10. Harman must have thought he mixed up the picture with the one of him staring at his computer cock in hand with a cheeky grin on his face.

  11. Atrocious visual quality, some of the worst YouTube reproduction I’ve seen, this is a gorgeous movie visually. I like it better than ‘Run Angel Run’, which also has Bill Smith, great bodybuilder, cowboy and biker actor, but you can barely make him out when they make their way to the Kernville Arcade. All of ‘Angels Die Hard’ has magnificent photography, and it seems strange to call it a B-movie. These songs are 40 years old, I guess they seem appropriate enough for the students, except they don’t seem to have much ‘hippie style’. Those are the San Gabriels, this looks like the Antelope Valley, and it may be, but I was only in the LA County part. That’s Tom Baker yelling ‘Hello, coppers!’ in the second one. He was a hanger-on in the Warhol Factory, died at 42 of heroin o’d. Smith still quite around, he’s got a sharp house in Laurel Canyon.

    • This one didn’t take in the above post. I guess the Flower Children had been around for some 6 years by the time this one was made. They seem slightly more profound than they used to, when they’d been relegated to the dustbin of history, etc.,etc., and blah and blah and blah. I still like this song. Fever Tree is good.

  12. Meanwhile Professor Marvel is ‘liveblogging’ (i.e. gatekeeping, redacting) some conference, trying to get product-placement for his snake oil alongside other past-their-sell-by-date goods. For someone who thinks subjectivity has been over-rated he sure lets his ego take up a lot of cyberspace.

    • I wish you’d quit making me aware of my slackness; I hadn’t read the ultra-thrilling bleug for 24 hours, and ‘Batman’ was even obliquely self-proclaimed, among FOUR pages, NOT four posts, four pages. Mikhail’s ‘indecent’ is right. And also ‘you are what you eat’. Why I think what we have is a Lovely Wheat Muffin, and I’d already been totally excited about the blueberries on some sort of yogurt.

      PLUS, there were repeat pictures of the conference table, and the lovely nameplates, now that we know that Harman ‘adores Zizek’ (clearly wants his ‘public intellectual’ job, but that he won’t get even if Zizek decides to shit on some industrialist’s vicious socialite daughter’s carpet, because at least Zizek and Sontag had flair in a repulsive way, although both wore clothes too long…), he will occasionally need ‘quiet’. And since he thinks New York has been a major omission (aside from that one all-important week HE and HE ALONE spent here), I do know of a Catholic retreat on Staten Island where they will leave you alone if you don’t want to come to mass or even pray, and they serve ‘wholesome lunchroom fare’.

      Yes, GRAHAM HARMAN LIVING, the magazine of Graham Harman Omnipedia, has not only never dropped acid, he is, like, TOTALLY into WHOLESOME LUNCHROOM FARE! It’s clear he wants to be the first person (nevermind what kind, what sex, what profession, what race, etc.) to make a lengthy visit to New York City and stay in Staten Island the entire time.

      He’s really got what they call ‘A Good Attitude’. T’isn’t a pity he ain’t a whore. though…

    • Imagine how awkward it must look for a guy to type away without stop in what appears to be a rather small room – I forbid laptops in my classroom for this exact reason, you’re there to listen and participate, not to be absorbed in your own little world. Has he ever heard of a dictophone?

  13. Drastic measures were needed after poor ratings on the Morton channel:

    “This conference was particularly interesting in that we had hundreds of viewers throughout the world, some of whom even asked questions!”

    • All the while the whole of Britain is going up in smoke of the student protests and occupations! Fuck the humans indeed, well, all the humans except for the special human who just discovered an abstract for a rejected paper for SPEP (those evil hegemonic monsters were already oppressing him then, no wonder he hates their guts, stupid losers unable to see real talent – oh, how he showed them, didn’t he?)

      • Of course it was badly written even then, the very idea of this fruit writing about Equipment is funny, although I guess that’s been kicked around for some years, and I just didn’t pay any attention.

        But the funniest was ‘while I was filing my Claremont lecture in the proper folder’. I thought I would die. He gets funnier every day. He would be good as ‘Marian the Librarian’ in a revival of ‘The Music Man’, which, as we all know, takes place in Batman’s home state. In this song, he does the Shirley Jones part, while washing dishes with his dishwasher and musing over means of cleaning toasters properly:

        Marian Harman:
        Being in love used to be my fav’rite dream.
        Oh, yes.
        I’ve been in love more than anybody else has.
        I guess.
        My first love heroic’ly ran the streetcar.
        I tingled at ev’ry clang clang.
        Next I fell for the principal
        But, oh that teacher who sang “In the Gloamin’.”
        Knee-deep in love–what a lovely dream!
        And yet, somehow,
        Me deep in love’s only half of what I’m longing for now.
        I still love my being in love with someone,
        But tell me, why couldn’t there be
        Somebody being in love with me?
        All I want is a plain man.
        All I want is a modest man.
        A quiet man, a gentle man
        A straightforward and honest man
        To sit with me in a cottage somewhere in the state of Iowa…
        And I would like him to be more interested in me
        Than he’s in himself and more interested in us than in me…
        And if occasionally he’d ponder
        What makes Shakespeare and Beethoven great.
        Him I could love ’til I die.
        Him I could love ’til I die!
        Being in love–what a lovely dream!
        And yet, somehow,
        Being in love’s only half of what I’m longing for now.
        And so then,
        Tonight I’ll be in there dreaming
        And hoping that someday there’ll be
        Just once!
        Somebody being in love with me…

  14. This will help his in-flight pleasure. I guess everything is on YouTube by now. Hate to admit Ms. Jones’s pitch is piss-perfect, I’d forgotten. This will help all of y’all understand the part about “sitting in a cottage somewhere in the state of Iowa..”

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