Zurich birthday.

first day of the conference was pretty good, though the guy that did his lecture all in german was rather difficult to follow… even with the english version power point.

i skipped out of the last session of the day to go take a nap after not getting to sleep until 3am last night. now that it’s 1:40am, i’m thinking tomorrow may be a bit difficult to get through as well…. at least i’ll get an hour more sleep this time. 

after my afternoon power nap, I hopped the trolley down to the Rathaus stop (apparently actually pronounced RatHouse) and headed over to Lenin’s house. It was a fun strange little trip through a bunch of little footpaths and back alleys with weird interesting shops. Once we got there we realized that, unlike what the interwebz told me, there’s just a plaque on the building, not the tour of old rooms, old artifacts, and furniture that i was hoping for. 

here are lenin pictures, one of the plaque, and one of the strange half/half mirrored bust downstairs at a puzzle shop.





also, as noted above, today was my birthday. i have some fun pictures of the greatness of birthday dinner which i’ll post later when i wake up again.


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