Some Texts I Came Across.

I’m sure people already saw these, but just in case, I came across a couple of text available online in PDF format:

PETER HALLWARD : Depending on Inconsistency : Badiou’s Answer to the “Guiding Question of All Contemporary Philosophy” (.pdf)

[Séminaire] Quentin MEILLASSOUX, “Histoire et événement chez Alain Badiou” (.pdf)

Alberto TOSCANO, “L’expatriation du marxisme ou le tournant d’Alain Badiou” (.pdf)

Entretien de Daniel BENSAID avec Alain BADIOU : “Penser la politique ?” (.pdf)

STATHIS KOUVELAKIS : “La politique dans ses limites ou les paradoxes d’Alain Badiou” (.pdf)

[Kouvelakis’ book – Philosophy and Revolution: From Kant to Marx – is at the top of my recommendation list.]

5 thoughts on “Some Texts I Came Across.

  1. Hello, I am trying to get Peter Hallward´s article, (Depending on inconssitency…) yet it seems to be impossible. Perhaps the link is broken. Could you help me please with that?

    Thank you

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