Zizek Does A Book Review

Actually a short and coherent piece on China’s Communist Party in LBR:

Mao may be 30 per cent bad, but he continues to be celebrated as the founding father of the nation, his body in a mausoleum and his image on every banknote. In a clear case of fetishistic disavowal, everyone knows that Mao made errors and caused immense suffering, yet his image remains magically untainted. This way, the Chinese Communists can have their cake and eat it: economic liberalisation is combined with the continuation of Party rule.

2 thoughts on “Zizek Does A Book Review

  1. Maybe he read our criticisms of his style. Or maybe the editors at the LRB did. Or maybe it’s an impersonator. But credit where credit’s due, this is an improvement.

  2. It is a great review.

    Zizek can be masterful if you don’t let him too much space for ramblings and if he doesn’t fill his standard forms. The review reads like most great metaphysical fantasies: there is the world but it is an illusion and behind its appearance there is another world. I have now idea if contemporary China fits into this schema with the communist party as the double of the state and I’ll probably never know it for sure but it is a beautiful idea, far more beautiful than the truth, if it was otherwise.

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