France on Strike

An extraordinary photo of high school students protesting the pension reforms in Paris from The Boston Globe’s ┬áseries of arresting images chronicling the protests across France (here).

12 thoughts on “France on Strike

  1. what a brilliant form of protest and photo. the full-size version reveals a fine survey of (in)humanity in the various expressions of the riot police when confronted by such an act.

      • Oh Mikhail, stop being such a pissy pants! Regardless, the picture (and the form of protest) certainly deserves some attention. One might even say it’s “striking.” (ack..)

    • It strikes me how posed the photo is. Those kids had to amble up and settle in position while the cops waited in choreographed dynamic postures. There’s no movement from the riot line – they’re looking for direction from someone stage left, ok boys we got the shot.

  2. C’mon, this ‘style’ is low-grade pastiche. Take one situation, cross with another, voila’. Like when my friend Jeff and I used to go play chess in elevators to freak out the suits.

    And the issue is raising the retirement age two years to 62. Which nowadays is late middle age.

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