(Really) Lost

My quiet obsession with Lost is now somewhat disappointed after the two-hour Finale of Season 5. So next year is the last season, but I don’t really get this season at all. In the past, I think there was a sense of narrative and character development, this year it was sort of all over the place, therefore the end of it was supposed to explain things, I think, or at the very list hint at some possible solutions and all I got was a bunch of new characters (with Jacob being played by a deadbeat dad from Dexter) and no real story. I mean I know they are trying to build up suspense and all, but being suspenseful all the time is tiring. I think in the past seasons they were able to build up suspense and then at least answer some of the questions in the end, this time I’m not sure what to expect which is good, but I wonder if I will care enough to think about it. In any case, I’m really lost with Lost and I don’t think it’s my problem – do a better show next year!

2 thoughts on “(Really) Lost

  1. Yes, but at least the woman that plays Juliette was finally able to show her range as an actress. She went from “I always express mild bemusement or neurtrality” to “I’m very upset and kind of angry, plus I can scream too.”

  2. I saw a short interview with her and she sounded kind of silly and giggly, I wonder how she was able to pull off that whole “I’m a complex character too” thing – plus that whole Sawyer-Juliette love story didn’t really work at all, although I do like Sawyer’s character. Still it was all for nothing as it sort of had nothing to do with the plot. Plus that final sequence – Juliette’s parents announce their divorce, she is crying as a little girl, she is announcing to Sawyer they are not going to make it was pure bullshit – a kind of psychology 101…

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