Community Organizer aka “Elitist” Obama

Seriously, I thought this was just tasteless – is this the way to appeal to the nation? by mocking “community organizers”? helping people in the community is somehow too… elitist and thus bad for the future president?

Stephen Colbert puts it best.

P.S. A voice of reason from the conservatives – maybe more and more people will start asking this simple question:

“Is she the one we’ve been waiting for?”

So asks the Weekly Standard (with, I assume, at least a touch of irony) on the cover of its September 8 issue.

We conservatives have had a good time ridiculing the Obama phenomenon, especially its messianic feel — the willingness of its adherents to pour so much hope and belief into such an empty, or at least incomplete, vessel — and its elevation of “narrative” over substance.

It turns out that we were dying to have basically the same experience.

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