Not To Alarm You, But…

…apparently, No-One Rules the World

We have come a long way in a very short space of time. In 2001, the United States was the world’s sole superpower, believing that it did not have to share power with even its historical allies, let alone the developing world. Just eight years later, the theme of the new president of the United States is rather more humble: that the US can exercise power only by co-operating with others. More striking still, there is the acceptance that it is no longer possible for the US to sort out the world’s problems in the time-honoured fashion – namely by means of a cabal with the other western countries plus Japan.

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It Depends On Interpretation: Iraq Pact

This story and this topic has been slowly getting traction in the media, it seems, or I am just now catching up with it. Of course, knowing little or nothing about international diplomacy or international law, I have little to say about it, however, this particular article was pretty interesting – McLatchy reports:

WASHINGTON — The Bush administration has adopted a much looser interpretation than the Iraqi government of several key provisions of the pending U.S.-Iraq security agreement, U.S. officials said Tuesday — just hours before the Iraqi parliament was to hold its historic vote.

These include a provision that bans the launch of attacks on other countries from Iraq, a requirement to notify the Iraqis in advance of U.S. military operations and the question of Iraqi legal jurisdiction over American troops and military contractors.

Officials in Washington said the administration has withheld the official English translation of the agreement in an effort to suppress a public dispute with the Iraqis until after the Iraqi parliament votes. Continue reading