It’s Training, Not Education: U of Toledo’s New Look

Via The Chutry Experiment, New Kid on the Hallway has an interesting post about the ongoing corporatization of the University. It seems that the University of Toledo’s newest strategic plan is to transform the institution from a comprehensive metropolitan university to an institution devoted solely to the STEM fields (science, technology, engineering, math, and medicine). Why? Because they are more relevant! New Kid writes:

Jacobs identifies the following (among others) as strategic directions for the undergraduate programs of the university:

* Develop and implement innovative ways to integrate the knowledge and skills of STEM2 (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics and Medicine, as defined by federal and state legislatures) and related disciplines with liberal arts and broader humanistic traditions.

* Strengthen the general education curriculum to emphasize university-level skill proficiency and a shared core experience. We will also enhance the relevance of the core to professional, science and technology programs (my emphasis).

* Implement innovative ways to integrate science and technology literacy throughout the curriculum as a pathway to full societal participation.

His goals for the graduate programs include:

* Develop policies and align resources to increase the reputation of and enrollment in graduate and professional programs based upon quality and a careful analysis of investment return and market demand.

* Expand existing and add new graduate level programs in STEM_ areas, professional schools and other academic disciplines that demonstrate the ability to grow and be self-sustaining through enrollment and/or external funding.

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