On A Lighter Note: I’m Alan Partridge

Fans of  the BBC’s I’m Alan Partridge (old news to everyone in the UK I know) will appreciate this comment from the latest issue of the New Yorker (a fine publication, in fact, one thing that all 4 members here at Perverse Egalitarianism agree upon) which includes a nice profile of Steve Coogan:

Recently, Coogan pitched the idea of a movie in which Partridge is held hostage at the BBC after a terrorist takeover and tries to work out a peace settlement. “Your position is you want to destroy the West,” Coogan said, launching into Patridge’s imaginary negotiation. “The West’s position is, broadly speaking, they don’t want to be destroyed. Is there a midway between those two positions that could satisfy us both? Rather than suicide bombings, you achieve so much more with a sternly worded letter.”