Stay Classy, My Friends.

Here’s on old interview (h/t Philosophy Job Market) on “fashionable academics” with Tim Gunn:

Q: You are a fashionable academic, which some might say is an oxymoron. As an insider, can you tell us what’s up with all the tweed in academe, and are elbow patches really ever in style?

A: I will say this: I believe if one is dressed neatly, and the clothes fit properly, and they’re well groomed, I think one can pull off any look. And I think that elbow patches, tweed, Henry Higgins sartorial look can be really dashing, if done right.

But for so many people in the academic world at large, I really believe that disdain for fashion is something that they are quite proud of, and that they want to demonstrate in what they’re wearing and how they’re wearing it. It’s a kind of an intellectual snobbery that says: My brain is important to me, and how I look is not, because it goes beyond the clothes. They’re poorly groomed, they’re schlumped over and practically drooling. I mean, I’m making some exaggerations here, but when I go to meetings with the rest of Parsons, I look around and think: Just comb your hair!

I concur! The rest of the educational interview is found here.