Reading Quentin Skinner: History vs. Philosophy

I casually started Skinner’s Hobbes and Republican Liberty just to see what he’s up to lately (Skinner, not Hobbes who, I think, is dead) and I can’t put it down. Skinner is a self-professed intellectual historian and his style is very much different from another book on Hobbes that I am reading (an excellent book as well), but when I came across this review of it written by a self-professed philosopher, I understood why I am enjoying Skinner: Continue reading

Skinner’s Hobbes

Reading Quentin Skinner’s annoyingly shiny (and unbelievably expensive for such a slim volume) Hobbes and Republican Liberty – found this very long and detailed interview with the man. He’s a bit more boring than the book (which is  not by any means the most exciting read either, but is a rather indispensable in terms of footnotes and all), talks about his life and such: Continue reading