How Public Is Your Intellectual?

UPDATE: Another take on the public intellectual from The Economist.

From The Chronicle of Higher Education:

Disquisitions about public intellectuals usually conclude that they ain’t what they used to be. Subtitles from recent books on the topic include A Study of Decline and An Endangered Species? Indeed, the major point of debate is dating the precise start of the decline and fall. For some critics,Götterdämmerung started in the 1950s; for others, the 1930s. More-curmudgeonly writers place the date earlier, stretching back to the heyday of John Stuart Mill or even the death of Socrates.

That’s quite an opening, I thought, including the two words I do not know but like: “disquisitions” and “curmudgeonly” – very “higher eduction”… Daniel W. Drezner adds another take to the ever-continuing conversation about “public intellectuals.” Apparently, Drezner tells us, some people are complaining about the fact that internet and blogs are destroying the intellectual debate, make intellectual encounters impossible, annoy the old intellectuals with their “good old days” approaches and expectations. Continue reading