Sarah Palin’s Choice of No Choice.

I am getting sick of the idiotic argument/testimonial from the GOP folks and right-wing pundits vis-a-vis Palin’s decision to keep a Downs syndrome baby and her daughter’s decision to keep her baby. I mean I realize that this might be too much thinking for some of the Salin supporters, but you cannot praise her choice to keep the baby if you believe that abortion is a mortal sin and a murder. Let’s take the murder argument: if life begins with conception and Palin found out she was pregnant and does not believe in abortion, then this is it, period, end of story, as in – she is not choosing to keep the child, she is having a child, whether she likes it or not, she has no choice, because abortion is not an option, so the child lives because it is already there. If I believe that shooting a store clerk who offended me is a premeditated murder, then my decision not to murder him/her is not really a decision, because, in my case, murder is never an option – I do not choose not to kill, I simply walk away. Technically, I do have an option to go to the store, buy a gun and come back for some sweet revenge, but if then at the last moment I lower my gun and choose not to kill the clerk, am I a hero? Did Palin contemplate aborting her Downs syndrome baby and then decided against it? And if not, then she did not make a choice, she was forced into the situation by her pregnancy and thus we can praise her for dealing with it bravely or in any other way, but not for her decision. If Palin believes that abortion is murder and is thus out of consideration, then what were her options when she was deciding to keep the baby

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