German Question: Pfaffenthum

This is my first real question to our imaginary audience, an important step on the way to the real blogging experience, I am sure, and it deals with a word Pfaffenthum that Kant uses in several places and that is generally translated in the Cambridge edition as “priestcraft” or “popery” (in Notes on Metaphysics, 18:601). There is a good old Russian word поповщина that seems to have the same sentiment attached to it (especially in Lenin). I wonder if anyone knows of some either contemporary Kantian or any other interesting contextual situations that can help me with this term (I’m looking at you, Alexei). In 7:60 Kant defines it as eine Herrschaft der Werkleute des Kirchenglaubens, a sort of an interesting connection then between Pfaffenthum and Herrschaft… Continue reading