Politican Hebraism: Jewish Sources in the History of Political Thought

This is instead of sending a private email to Shahar, I thought I’d just post this – Alexei at Now-Times just posted it and it looks interesting:  

Political Hebraism: Jewish Sources in the History of Political Thought Conference

Princeton University
September 7-9, 2008

Jewish, Christian, and Islamic thinkers — philosophers, scholars, statesmen, theologians, and rabbis — have historically drawn ideas with political import from the Hebrew Bible and from talmudic and later rabbinic writings. The derivation of political thought from the Hebrew Bible and later Hebrew sources coexisted and continues to coexist with better-known Greek, Roman, European, and Anglo-American traditions. As such, the Hebraic political tradition, broadly defined, constitutes an integral if understudied component of the history and legacy of Western political thought. The 2008 conference on political Hebraism invites proposals that examine various aspects of this Hebraic political tradition, including analyses and appropriations of elements of the Hebrew Bible and Jewish textual tradition in the history of political thought as well as constructive evaluations of some of their central ideas

While other submissions will be considered, we especially invite proposals that address the following topics: Continue reading