The Wolfendale Maneuver

While I amd drafting some responses to my summary of Chapter 1 of Maimon’s Essay, I’m keeping my eye of the multi-dexterous Peter Wolfendale’s most recent oeuvre! Here and here. Jon Cogburn responds as well. Awaiting a 50,000 words post from Levi Bryant and a quick witty remark from Graham Harman.

Jon (in the original post) mentions the issue of affection (thing-in-itself “causing” appearances) and characterizes my take as Fichtean. Hopefully there’ll be plenty of time to deal with it as we discuss Maimon’s peculiar (and coherent) take on the matter, but here’s a good paper (PDF) by Claude Piché (Université de Montréal) and, of course, there’s plenty written about it.