Parody, Always Nice

Egalitarianism + Perversity? Healthy and Biting Sarcasm? General Mockery? If you enjoy all of these things (at once) as much as we here at Perverse Egalitarianism do, then be sure to have a look at The Cultural Parody Center. We applaud your blogging etiquette and your contribution to the development of new forms of cultural theory.

The Cultural Parody Center have announced their Parody Oscar Nominations for 2007:

Most Pretentious Blawg of The Year

The Poetry Sewer (

For overdosing on neoRomanticism; for maintaining Oxford-branded snobbery whilst having no sense of humor whatsoever.

The Unmarxist Unsupernanny (

For his insidious attempts to throw rivals into the syntaxic grid. For inspiring blog debates without having the guts to lose them.

The Decapitated (

For selling word salads as high-culture literary theory.

Worst Evangelical Nerd Blawg of The Year Continue reading