Mitt Watch: Sunday Edition

Mitt is at it again! This morning he danced and squirmed his way through Tim Russert’s questions on Meet the Press.  More about that below.  Frank Rich has written an interesting column in today’s NY Times about Mitt Romney and Barack Obama.

Mr. Romney didn’t fight his church’s institutionalized apartheid, whatever his private misgivings, because that’s his character. Though he is trying to sell himself as a leader, he is actually a follower and a panderer, as confirmed by his flip-flops on nearly every issue. Continue reading

Mitt Watch: The Latest

mitt.jpgMore on uber-Mormon robot Mitt Romney and his bid for the White House. From Maureen Dowd’s column yesterday:

The problem with Mitt is not his religion; it is his overeager policy shape-shifting. He did not give a brave speech, but a pandering one. Disguised as a courageous, Kennedyesque statement of principle, the talk was really just an attempt to compete with the evolution-disdaining, religion-baiting Huckabee and get Baptists to concede that Mormons are Christians.” Continue reading