Emelianov’s Gang: Formative Years of the Great Leader (In Pictures)

Inspired by a recent exchange with Shahar (and some free time), I have quickly created this collage from pictures others took of me while on my journey to the present greatness – pictures say it all, I think, but in case you’re not very smart, I provide the commentary as well: Continue reading

I Move Up In The World Of Office Dwellers.

Some intriguing, even if unnecessary, personal detail – I acquire new office position vis-a-vis my colleagues. Unfortunately, Shahar’s position does not change drastically (i.e. still trying to make it out of that “right-behind-the-column” space) – sorry, buddy! Confused? The photographic evidence here.

Nicole Hawthorne is presently temping at an office across the factory – apparently, judging by this photo, in some sort of cord weaving capacity.

Mikhail Makes A Surprise Visit To Portland, Declares Things To Be Great…

I know this is vain and pretentious to assume that the readers of this blog care about my present spatial position, so it is clearly a great reason to post about it, even if a short notice for now: I am presently in Portland and I have to say that things are going well here and the situation on the ground is much better than the press would have us all believe. Government is firmly in control and the occasional acts of insurgency are swiftly repressed and the bloody mess is usually neatly and quickly cleaned up… I will have a full report upon my return to Pervegalit World-Wide Headquarters!

State Of The Blog: 200th Post (Emelianov Version)

I know, I know, it seems that it was only yesterday that a group of us decided it was time to enter the new world of blogging, but it’s been several months now and I think it’s going well – we’ve gained some readers, made fun of some things, settled into our areas of preference and even lost a valuable member (virtual r.i.p. to the founding member Lou Deeptrek – a pseudonym chosen by a close friend who did not have time or energy to continue posting and decided to commit virtual suicide – sad, sad, sad) – but Shahar and I are going strong, I think (Paco’s posting with some regularity as well)… I don’t have much to say about the ‘state of the blog’ but just that I find it to be an excellent outlet for my interests that have little or nothing to do with teaching philosophy or reading the types of articles and books that takes up most of my free time, so it is certainly cathartic and useful.

Some future goals: Continue reading