Interesting Critique of the Critique of Correlationism

I read through Markus Gabriel’s essay, “The Mythological Being of Reflection” and was reminded of something I quickly posted a few months ago, “Should Philosophers just wear Labcoats?” I was avoiding grading a stack of papers and found myself quickly purusing Rorty’s Objectivity, Relativism and Truth:

…any academic discipline which wants a place at the trough, but is unable to offer the predictions and the technology provided by the natural sciences, must either pretend to imitate science or find some way of obtaining “cognitive” status without the necessity of discovering facts (35). Continue reading

Fun Facts: Chapaev and Void

Reading Markus Gabriel’s essay “The Mythological Being of Reflection” from Mythology, Madness, and Laughter (Gabriel/Zizek) – great essay, by the way, I haven’t read anything this thought-provoking in a while (admittedly, just because I like it doesn’t mean it’s good, regardless of what people say – incidentally, I find the substitution of “It is good” for the simple “I enjoyed it” to be the most annoying substitution among philosophically inclined authors, right next to “I think you should do it this way” advice justified with a simple “because I do it this way and it works for me” – anyway, out of the long parenthesis we go) – came across the reference to Victor Pelevin’s Buddha’s Little Finger.  Apparently this is how Pelevin’s Chapaev and Emptiness/Void (Чапаев и Пустота) is rendered into English. Fun fact!