San Lorenzo Church (Venice) Where Luigi Nono Staged Prometeo Restored And Opened To Public!

This church was closed for a long time, during my visit to Venice I was unable to get in (there was no reason to even try). Now it will be leased to Mexico for restoration and Biennale exhibitions for the next 9 years. More photos of the inside. Definitely going to see it when we’re in Venice next.

In an agreement with the Venice Comune, the Church of San Lorenzo will become a permanent home for Mexico’s work in future art and architecture biennales over the next nine years. Although the space is not yet in a safe condition to allow visitors, individuals will be invited to view the ongoing restoration from the entrance. Continue reading

Stefan Beyst On Luigi Nono’s Prometeo

I came across this essay by Stefan Beyst on Nono’s Prometeo – a revolutionary work, if there was ever one in this century (although calling it “revolutionary” is already lame since everyone who ever comes across it immediately does so). Nono worked on Prometeo for a long time in collaboration with an Italian philosopher (and all-around intellectual) Massimo Cacciari. The result was a performance at San Lorenzo in Venice in 1984 that was quite interesting – a new sort of stage production was constructed with electronic and spacial innovations. Some background info for the curios can be found here.

I thought this section of the essay was curious: Continue reading