Unplugging the Giant Bathtub of Bullshit

The end of Lost – what a bunch of idiotic sappy quasi-religious bullshit! Whoever was responsible for ruining this perfectly decent show should just come out and say so. Yes, it was a strange show from the start, but at least it was always trying to explain “strange” things in terms of even “stranger” physical reality – electromagnetic forces, time travel, or some other perfectly good material explanation. And it all ends with a big group hug in some ecumenical heaven after some dude unplugs the giant bathtub of light? – give me a break! And the most frustrating part? America loved it! What gives?

LOST Season 4 Finale!

Can’t do anything today but think about last night’s LOST season finale – big day for all of us philosophical geeks! How awesome was that finale? Will have to watch it again tonight (you can stream it on ABC) and write more later, for now – courtesy of Nicole Hawthorne – here’s a cool discussion going on here.

UPDATE: Instead of thinking all by myself, I basically read this website from now on, so why waste space on this humble blog?