Back to Kant: Jon Cogburn Edition

Jon is reacquainting himself with Kant and posting his notes online. I have to say that such monumental undertakings are awe-inspiring as I rarely attempt any such feats (knowing that I will give up early on). I’m hoping to follow Jon’s progress if only to do some reading (I admit that I haven’t read the whole of first critique in one sequence probably since I did it for the first time long time ago, it’s always been sections here and there since then).

The wisdom is collected here. I must add that Jon’s familiarity with the analytic tradition makes for a great read even if you have read Kant for many years (or do so on the regular basis, like reading the Bible).

‘Tis the Season To Be Jolly (Cogburn Edition)

While you were stuffing yourself with turkey and listening to your creepy uncle’s war stories, Jon Cogburn was expecting (and then having) a baby girl (well, actually his wife was, at least that’s how it usually goes). Since Jon’s an old friend of the blog, I’d like to suspend all sarcasms for just a minute to congratulate him on the new arrival.

3Quarks Daily Nomination

For some inexplicable reason, 3Quarks Daily‘s recent competition of philosophy blogs have managed to include Jon Cogburn’s post on early Heidegger from our Braver Reading Group – I say you give Jon what he deserves (your vote since it’s clearly an actual philosophy-related post unlike all the other crap we post about) and support the local philosophical produce. Also it’s just fun to look through the list of nominated posts and see some blogs I haven’t yet discovered.