Howard Dean!

I met the man once, he was in his socks (cowboy boots offered to him as a present were too tight) in the backyard of the house giving an impromptu speech at a BBQ. Yes, I have photographic proof – in any case, I found Dean’s recent characterization of the “health care reform” as “hocus pocus reform” to be quite precise:

Howard Dean proved long ago that he marches to the beat of his own conscience. Neither personal attacks nor appeals to party — nor mockery voiced by Washington’s media establishment — will move him when he thinks he is right. So despite a barrage of harsh reaction from the mainstream press, liberal politicians and interest groups and the White House itself, the former DNC chairman remains unswerving in his opposition to the Senate Democrats’ healthcare bill.

Health Care Reform “Debate”

It isn’t really a debate, I think, everyone seems to get it – it’s too expensive and too many fat cats are making too much money, but it’s not that easy to reform the system as many argue, because reforming something ultimately means that one still accepts the legitimacy and the authority of that which is being reformed. We don’t need a health care reform, we need a health care revolution. I know it’s sounds very pathos-filled, but it’s not if “revolution” is a simple term that indicates losing trust in the system as it exists now, because whether you like it or not, with private health insurance around, it’s not going to change much, too many people are making too much money and they are not going to give up, period.

It’s no wonder then that in the end the insurance companies are going to come out on top (if they haven’t already) – two articles on the matter (educate yourself): Continue reading