Holiday Music

I watched a great film – Thirty Two Short Films About Glenn Gould – the other day and since I’ve been listening to Gould non-stop (I think my brains twist into a weird knot after several hours of things like French and English Suites). In any case, I found these clips of him playing Goldberg Variations (mannerisms are of course the best part) and I must share some of them: Continue reading

Monday Tune: Webern and Berg

With my summer course starting on Wednesday, the summer teaching is here and it is not really welcome – so I am trying to kill some time this cool afternoon attempting not to think about all the awesome questions I will get on the first day of class: “There are four books at the bookstore for this class – do we have to buy and read all four?” and the like – here’s some music then: Glenn Gould is playing Webern and Berg… Continue reading