Idaho State Fires A Tenured Professor.

Apparently not even being tenured and being supported by the faculty can help you keep your job in Idaho:

The Idaho State Journal reports Habib Sadid confirmed Friday that university president Arthur Vailas had terminated his employment.

In a statement, Vailas said his decision was in the best interests of the institution.

A university faculty appeals board determined a week ago there wasn’t enough evidence to fire Sadid, but Vailas was not obligated to follow that recommendation.

Sadid, who was suspended for what administrators say is unprofessional and insubordinate behavior, contends his history of speaking his mind about problems at the school led to the disciplinary action.

Idaho State officials argue free speech rights do not allow him to make slanderous statements.

I wonder what sort of “slanderous statements” he made? I wonder if this story is similar to the case of Butler University student who was threatened with a lawsuit and is not threatened with disciplinary action for criticizing upper administration? When does critique of policy become a reason to fire a tenured professor? I mean at least they found something on Ward Churchill before they fired him. Here it seems like the case where administration went against the recommendations of its own faculty – I’d like to know more details…

Here‘s an earlier story from InsideHigherEd about Sadid – he sounds like your regular (even if highly irritable and outspoken) critic of administration – again, criticism of policies, however uncivil and impolite, serve as a ground of termination. I’m assuming he will sue, I’d like to see what comes out of it. My favorite part? This is done for the good of the university, president tells us.