Now Glenn Beck hates FIFA…

Hertzberg’s column in this week’s New Yorker caught my attention, if only for the idiotic ramblings of Glenn Beck and company:

Today’s conservative soccer scolds are not so good-natured. Their complaints are variations on the theme of un-Americanness. “I hate it so much, probably because the rest of the world likes it so much,” Glenn Beck, the Fox News star, proclaimed. (Also, “Barack Obama’s policies are the World Cup.”) What really bugs “silly leftist critics,” the Washington Times editorialized, is that “the most popular sports in America—football, baseball, and basketball—originated here in the Land of the Free.” At the Web site of the American Enterprise Institute, the Washington Post columnist Marc Thiessen, formerly a speechwriter for George W. Bush, wrote, “Soccer is a socialist sport.” Also, “Soccer is collectivist.” Also, “Perhaps in the age of President Obama, soccer will finally catch on in America. But I suspect that socializing Americans’ taste in sports may be a tougher task than socializing our healthcare system.” And then there’s G. Gordon Liddy. Soccer, Liddy informed his radio listeners, comes from Latin America, and first we have to get into this term, the Hispanics. That would indicate Spanish language, and yes, these people in Latin America speak Spanish. That is because conquistadores who came over from Spain—you know, tall Caucasians, not very many of them—conquered the Indians, and the Indians adopted the language of their conquerors. But what we call Hispanics now really are South American Indians. And this game, I think, originated with the South American Indians, and instead of a ball they used to use the head, the decapitated head, of an enemy warrior. Liddy’s guest, a conservative “media critic” named Dan Gainor, responded cautiously (“soccer is such a basic game, you can probably trace its origins back a couple of different ways”), while allowing that “the whole Hispanic issue” is among the reasons “the left” is “pushing it in schools around the country.”

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“Зенит” увозит из Манчестера Кубок УЕФА!

Репортаж со Взгляда.Ру:

Футболисты питерского «Зенита» в решающем матче за Кубок УЕФА выиграли в Манчестере у шотландского «Глазго Рейнджерс». На трибунах стадиона «Сити оф Манчестер» за российский клуб яростно болели 12 тыс. его болельщиков, которые перекричали 35 тыс. шотландских фанатов. В России же за «Зенит» переживала вся страна. И Питер выиграл Кубок УЕФА! 2:0 после голов Игоря Денисова и Константина Зырянова.

ВСЕ!!! «Зенит» выиграл Кубок УЕФА!!!!! 2:0, и шотландцы плачут в центре поля.

92.56 ЗЫРЯНОВ!!! Второй! Это победа! Текке сделал голевой пас, и Константин забил в пустые ворота.

92.41 Ким Дон Чжин на поле вместо Файзулина.

90.11 Три минуты добавлено. Даршевиль рвется вперед, а Начо Ново с 8 метров ударил выше ворот. Уфф.

88.27 Не может «Рейнджерс» перейти в атаку. Питерцы контролируют мяч и ведут игру к победе.

86.36 Денисов получает травму, а у шотландцев выходит нападающий Бойд вместо защитника Уитакера.

83.53 Активно вошел в игру Начо Ново, но внимательны Широков и Крижанац. Continue reading

Russia in UEFA 2008!

This is a bit of old news, but still very very exciting – Russia is one of the 14 teams to come out of the qualifying round (England did not make it out of Group E – in your face!) – the games will be played in June 2008! Go distant Fatherland!

This is from UEFA website:  

Russia coach Guus Hiddink admitted his surprise at qualifying for UEFA EURO 2008™ after a dramatic conclusion to Group E last night.Russia coach Guus Hiddink celebrates his side's qualification

England needed only to draw with Croatia at Wembley to join the Balkan side in next summer’s tournament, but a 3-2 defeat unexpectedly opened the door for Russia who squeezed through by the narrowest of margins, winning 1-0 in Andorra. It was an outcome even Hiddink had given up on. “I said we had to be realistic and I didn’t believe it would end like that,” Hiddink said.

‘Russian roulette’
“Now we know why Russian roulette is called Russian. We saw that in football, sporting spirit is decisive. Israel battled hard against us without holding anything back, and Croatia did the same at Wembley. I would like to pay a compliment to the players and coaches of that team, because they showed they are true professionals.” Continue reading