The Winds of Del Taco

By some strange twist of fate, we are sojourning in LA – took us 20 mins and 5 right turns to get a cup of coffee from a store across the street (walking is for losers, apparently). This place looks rather depressing. There are almost no identifiable features, everything looks all-American and bland. The hotel is rather spooky as well (click on it to enlarge the spookiness).

Clearly, this is no Budapest and there are no strawberries…

To Bike Or Not To Bike.

bikeI live about 6 miles away from campus, but on the other side of town (not quite, but certainly that’s how I imagine it).  There is a nice bike trail that goes almost all the way from where I live to campus.  I have a bicycle, I have an interest in biking to campus.  I’m not sure I have enough will though.  Walking to the train station and taking it to campus is easier and it only takes about an hour from leaving the house to entering the classroom.  If I were to bike to work, I’d have to leave slightly earlier and I’d have a new strange experience of urban bicycle commuting which has its charm but still… I’ll decide tomorrow.  It might be fun.

My Teaching Day: A Topography

I teach on Mondays and Wednesdays this semester, I am on campus all day, I have a morning class, an afternoon class and a late afternoon class. I have two breaks between classes that I attempt to fill with productive activity. More often than not I fail to do so.

I rise early in the morning, I creep around trying to minimize noise despite the explicit permission to disregard such efforts. I was raised to be quiet when others are sleeping. I make coffee (two cups, French press, cream, no sugar), I read a bit, I look out of my window, I think about my classes, I think that it is about time I should be leaving the house, I get distracted, I am going to be late. I bike to the train station, I join my fellow travelers on the platform, I recognize faces, I move slighty to the left to be right at the door when the train comes, I board the train.  Continue reading