The McCain Campaign’s Not So Straight Talk

Since Mikhail has been on a Sarah Palin fact finding mission over the holiday weekend, I thought I’d do some fact finding of my own and bring back the whole McCain campaign into the conversation. Plus, on an unrelated note it also appers that hack CT senator/panderer/lover of Hagee Joe Leiberman will be parading around at the RNC.  Overall, not a very good product the GOP has put out there it seems to me, and really, that’s forgetting about the packaging.  Anyway, here’s some McCain related idiocy from J Street:

John McCain’s campaign and the right-wing smear machine has set their sights on former U.S. Ambassador to Israel and Obama adviser Daniel Kurtzer. His sin? Encouraging Syria to accelerate peace negotiations with Israel.   Apparently, to the McCain campaign, visiting Damascus and talking about peace with Syrians is just shy of treason.  Said McCain spokesman Michael Goldfarb cynically: “If one of Senator Obama’s advisers has been to Damascus, we just wonder how many have been to Tehran.”  Continue reading