Sunday Morning Husserl

husserl.jpgAlthough they aren’t coming out as fast as Heidegger’s, Volume 13 of Husserl’s Collected Works, Introduction to Logic and Theory of Knowledge. Lectures 1906/07 is about to be published in English translation. Here’s the blurb from the publisher:

This course on logic and theory of knowledge fell exactly midway between the publication of the Logical Investigations in 1900-01 and Ideas I in 1913. It constitutes a summation and consolidation of Husserl’s logico-scientific, epistemological, and epistemo-phenomenological investigations of the preceding years and an important step in the journey from the descriptivo-psychological elucidation of pure logic in the Logical Investigations to the transcendental phenomenology of the absolute consciousness of the objective correlates constituting themselves in its acts in Ideas I. In this course Husserl began developing his transcendental phenomenology as the genuine realization of what had only been realized in fragmentary form in the Logical Investigations. Continue reading