Codex Sinaiticus Online

I guess the theologians are abuzz with excitement over the news of the Codex Sinaiticus, or as I call it, “the oldest Bible,” being available online here. I always had a weakness for all things old and Greek, so I am sort of excited too, not that I think this is better then a nice facsimile edition in print or on a CD, but free access on the web is great too – reminds me a bit of google.maps… What will come of it? One thing is for sure, now every amateur theologian and/or first year seminarian can go look at some passage for themselves and the level of pretesion will go through the roof: “But it’s covered over with a coffee stain in Codex Sinaiticus, Nigel! How do you know if it’s “peace” or “piss”? [insert great theological controversy here]

Well, I’m off to reread my favorite sections of 1 Chronicles and smite me some unbelievers…