Move Aside All The Posers: Catherine Malabou

There’s a poscast of a talk by Catherine Malabou that can be found here. The podcast begins with a male voice announcing Malabou and suggesting everyone pulls their heads out of their asses and get on with the programm of reading her work. Then the male voice says this: “Move aside all the posers, the next Derrida is a woman and her name is Catherine Malabou” which is of course a title of a post yours truly did on Malabou in the days of my early interest in her work. Now I have since erased that post because it was the first thing you saw when you searched PE for “Malabou” and it was sort of not very serious, and I wanted people to get to some other stuff I posted on her, so now I have absolutely no proof that I indeed came up with the phrase and it is making me very sad. Unless you know who the male voice opening for Malabou is so I can ask him about it because it is also very likely that anyone can come up with a phrase like that as it is not that unusual. In any case, I had a very small moment of pride and being a self-obsessed insecure blogger, I thought I’d share it with you.