Schmitt’s Leviathan In Paperback

Although Schmitt’s Leviathan book came out in English in 1996, it costed about $110 for a hardback (that’s about a dollar per page). Due to the revival of interest, I suppose, it is now (since Oct. 15th) available in an affordable paperback for a small sum of $12 – future dictators rejoice! Oh wait, Die Diktatur book is still not available in English, is it?

Bush and The State of Exception

Here’s an interesting article from Harper’s dealing with the recent Supreme Court decision:

What exactly did Kennedy mean by referring to a Constitution that can be “switched on and off at will”? In presenting the opposing viewpoint this way he was taking dead aim at the notion of a state of exception which underlies the whole architecture of Bush war on terror policies. Simply put, these policies argue that while the Executive is limited by the checks and balances of the American constitution during peacetime and at home, all those shackles fall away when war erupts and when he acts outside the nation’s territory. This viewpoint has limited historical precedents, but no Administration has pressed it quite so fiercely as that of George W. Bush. Read the whole article.

So Bush and Co. could be getting their ideas from the same source as the ‘cool’ graduate students – Carl Schmitt – only when Bush does it, it actually is kind of scary…