Wagner Forgotten? Not Anymore!

Glory to the all-knowing Alain Badiou! Who would have thought that Wagner could make a come back? I mean, sure, there’s a new production of Das Rheingold at the Met that everyone’s raving about and, yes, yes, Wagner’s operas have been performed all over the world in an almost non-stop manner in the last 100 years or so, but that is clearly not enough to “rehabilitate” the old man – we must have a book from Alain Badiou!

A leading radical intellectual tackles the many controversial interpretations of Wagner’s work. For over a century, Richard Wagner’s music has been the subject of intense debate among philosophers, many of whom have attacked its ideological—some say racist and reactionary—underpinnings. In this major new work, Alain Badiou, radical philosopher and keen Wagner enthusiast, offers a detailed reading of the critical responses to the composer’s work, which include Adorno’s writings on the composer and Wagner’s recuperation by Nazism as well as more recent readings by Philippe Lacoue-Labarthe and others. Slavoj Zizek provides an afterword, and both philosophers make a passionate case for re-examining the relevance of Wagner to the contemporary world.

Can’t wait to read it and re-examine Wagner’s works… Continue reading