“The Sniper is the person who is always on to some new book or author six months before everyone else. They use this author to fire apparently devastating salvos against everyone else, while hinting at some ominous coming paradigm shift triggered by this author that will call everything we ever believed into question.”

Graham Harman finally comes up with a nickname for himself.

Here is Graham “The Sniper” Harman in action:

The French philosopher and novelist Tristan Garcia was born in Toulouse in 1981. This makes him rather young to have written such an imaginative work of systematic philosophy as Forme et objet, the latest entry in the MétaphysiqueS series at Presses universitaires de France. But this reference to Garcia’s youthfulness is not a form of condescension: by publishing a complete system of philosophy in the grand style, he has already done what none of us in the older generation of speculative realists has done so far. His book is sophisticated, erudite, rigorous, imaginatively rich, and abundant in worldly wisdom– despite the author’s conclusion that wisdom does not exist.

Always on to some new untranslated work that will forever change philosophy and so on. Reading new books that no one read yet and praising them to heavens. Beautiful.

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