“Fuck you, John Caputo!” (Graham Harman)

I’m just articulating it the way Harman cannot:

And I doubt Caputo’s butter-fingered treatment of Latour will do his reputation much lasting harm.

“Because, you see, his reputation is already harmed by him being stupid, mwahahaha!” (Again, speaking on Harman’s behalf).

P.S. Caputo has a new book out? Who knew!


14 thoughts on ““Fuck you, John Caputo!” (Graham Harman)

  1. Oh god, I love this part so much: “In the 1990′s (as a Ph.D. student, at that) I was perhaps literally the only person on the American continental philosophy scene taking Latour seriously and writing about him, back when Caputo was giving us a monotonous “Hail Derrida, Hail Derrida, Hail Derrida, Hail Derrida…”

    1) It’s 1990s, not 1990’s, dumb ass!

    2) Harman was “literally the only person” taking about Latour seriously”? Give me a fucking break. Anyone who read and took Latour seriously in 1990s will disprove this clown’s claim.

    3) Did he just imply that Caputo was doing “Heil Derrida” while he, Graham fucking Harman, was on the fucking cutting edge of philosophy (as a graduate student at that”? What a douchbag!

    Where are the object-oriented fans now with this dick as their leader? I hope they all moved on to other things leaving him all by his magnificent self.

      • Indeed. We can see this illustrated by how often non-OOO silly philosophy drama finds its way onto this blog…

    • OOO is never dead, it’s constantly changing into some other stuff like “machine-oriented ontology” or “monad-oriented ontology” – and OOO is Bryant, not Harman. Harman’s school is OOP. Get your fads right!

  2. I’m sorry, but I’m a bit behind on this conversation. Could someone give me a quick play-by-play or recap of what’s going on behind the scenes of this comment to someone who is not completely initiated?

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