Hegel on Sophists and Socrates

I have to say that Hegel’s discussion of Sophists and then Socrates is much more lively and engaging than before, or perhaps I am better familiar with the themes and find more interesting observations. Or perhaps here Hegel makes his philosophical interpretation more obvious (although it’s not like he was hiding it before) and the narrative becomes a bit more interesting from Hegelian point of view.

I also realized that the German (20-volume) edition of Hegel’s works has the Lectures on the History of Philosophy divided into first and second volume differently from my Russian edition. Russian does Thales to Anaxagoras in volume 1 and then opens with Sophists in volume 2. The German includes the Sophists, Socrates and Socratics in the first volume and opens the second with Plato.

I think the Russian division makes more sense since Hegel’s sympathies clearly lie with post-Anaxagoras philosophers like Socrates and so on.


2 thoughts on “Hegel on Sophists and Socrates

  1. What is of most interest is Hegels’ take on Heraclitus’ interactive cosmos. Insights, misunderstandings, lacunas, and extensions.

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