By The Way, J.K. Fowler…

UPDATE: J.K. Fowler is a real person. We republished his interview with Catherine Malabou here. So his work did appear here. Everyone stand down.

I meant to bring this up earlier but never got to it, who is “J.K. Fowler” and why does he claim to have had his “work” appear here? Am I missing something? I’d like to endorse the fellow if he indeed appeared here:

JK Fowler is a professor, freelance writer, Founder and Editor of Nomadic Sojourns Journal ( and audio engineer of long-form interviews and soundscapes currently living in Brooklyn, NY. His work has appeared on Three Percent, Perverse Egalitarianism, Coagulated Lava, on Grierson Huffman’s blog, and regularly appears on The Mantle. He is the author of Argot, a poetry book compiling fifty poems written while living in South Africa and in September of 2011 he presented a paper at the Cardiff Business School in the UK on his research at the Bellevue Hospital in NYC.

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