The Blog Is Dead, Long Live the Blog

Blogging is so over, only a few old blogs keep going, and only one or two are still worth reading on a daily basis. Ah, the ever-changing fortunes of an online medium! Now that this blog is properly dead (although we still get a decent amount of hits on “How To Fake Your Way Through Hegel” post from last summer), why not pick it back up, as I have already tried on so many occasions, and drag it out a little longer?

I’m reading two Hegel things at the moment – his Lectures on the History of Philosophy (finally got around to reading those in their entirety, got to around Heraclitus right now after several weeks) and his Science of Logic (again, decided to reread this monster from start to finish, i.e. properly). Maybe I’ll have some random thoughts to share – it’s not like I am doing it for any other reason than just to do it.

4 thoughts on “The Blog Is Dead, Long Live the Blog

  1. How about the contradictions in how Hegel appeals to us? A Hegel for the layperson (but not for bluffing)? I would certainly be interested in that, as a key that might help me read him.

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