Why can’t guns control themselves?

Tim Morton’s right on the money with this one:

A gun, not a person, killed a 7-year-old boy outside a gun store yesterday near to Pittsburgh. The father’s gun.

“Guns don’t kill people,” right?

I’m not just making a point. OOO has political implications. Nonhumans are already on the inside of social space.

So these nonhumans that are already on the inside of social space, why can’t they just control themselves and stop shooting children?

Strangely enough, Morton’s most recent post is not addressed to nonhumans like guns, but to humans (politicians) who control them – that is way too anthropocentric!

Repeat after me – gun control means guns control themselves! Down with humans! More nonhuman agency please!

3 thoughts on “Why can’t guns control themselves?

  1. These sorts of musings about nonhuman agency are obviously moronic – I mean Morton throws around a lot of nonsense and most of it is just idiotic nonsense indeed, but once in a while he is saying stuff that, when put in context, reveals the utter idiocy of OOO. Humans are agents, nonhumans are not. Sure, nonhuman components are extremely important, no one ever said otherwise, but it is human that do things – stones, tables, bridges and guns do not have a capacity for action. Repeating again and again that they do is not going to change anything….

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