Thank you for your charitable donation during this festive season!

This month began with a series of long and slightly irritating posts in which generous and charitable readers of others like Levi Bryant were forever whining about how they are mistreated by others. This month is ending with a beautiful display of what was really at stake: “be generous to me, love and appreciate me, because if you do not, I will spend my every waking hour attacking you and everything you stand for!”

Too many exhibits to link to, but just look at this one. I am sure that if anyone pointed out how stupid and unfair that representation of the opponent’s argument is, Bryant would have his response ready: But he started it!

Merry Christmas everyone!

8 thoughts on “Thank you for your charitable donation during this festive season!

  1. What I like most is the theorist at a university criticising those at universities who do theory. Of course Bryant himself, we must infer, does lots of non-theory things in his spare time, things that bring about the political change he sees others as too hidebound to bring about. And presumably none of the ‘critical theorists’ he targets are involved in actual political work, protests, occupations, union organising, monkeywrenching, auto-reduction, etc. which help bring about change, nor does their teaching within the university inspire students to further such work. Otherwise Bryant would be not only hypocritical but insultingly wide of the mark. God forbid.

  2. Levi’s more asinine comments are followed up here on PE almost like clockwork. Kudos on that. He writes what is basically one long straw man, and then in the comments says “I just think some people are mean.” Wow, brilliant stuff.

  3. I think you must keep in mind that the New Generosity is a meta-generosity, in response to digital nastiness. The sequence is: people are very nasty on blogs, sometimes I slip and am a little nasty myself, but that was long ago and the people I was nasty to became my friends, but blog nastiness somehow continues and so I must rise above all this and be Generous in a New Way and give advice on it, but above all set a good example.

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