Minor Composers: Arthur Lourié

Minor, of course, not in stature but in fame. I have to admit that I do not know much about Arthur Lourié’s music which is why it is rather pleasant to come across it once in a while and attempt to “get into it” so as to cover the bases of a pretend intellectual man of letters…

Lourié was born in Russia and later immigrated to Europe and then USA. He died in of all places New Jersery. Lourié served as a head of the music division under Lunacharskii (in the Commissariat of People’s Enlightenment).

Here are some nice pieces I found on YouTube (needless to say, I like the later stuff more than the earlier stuff – and Lourié seemed to have returned to classicism in 1930s – but it is all very nice nonetheless): 

And here a String Quartet from 1920s for comparison:

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