8 thoughts on “PE Answers Your Questions

  1. Still too anthropocentric, Mikhail. A horse is trotting down the street when it perceives its hoof is being translated by a human. ObjectoLOLogy.

  2. the thing I find the most strange in OOO is the way all them love to belong to the group, and declare it, in sentences like “we OOO heads”, “the OOO crew, etc”.
    it´s the exact opposite of structuralism in France where everyone (Foucault, Deleuze, and all the rest) denied the appartenance to the group and even had difficulties recognising it´s existence. No, nowadays, intelectual movements are like labels, you pick up the badge and put pridefully on your vest…

    • Ha, judging by their current personalities I would imagine neither Bryant nor Harman were very popular as younger versions of themselves – one always has to remind everyone he read whatever it is you are talking about, the other is a genius walking amongst us! So they created their own club!

  3. I think John Cage beat everyone to all of this decades ago, when he tried his hand at translating a Japanese Haiku. Here’s the story (ruthlessly pillaged from a google search):

    JOHN CAGE Translating Basho’s Haiku

    Text: Japanese

    “Matsutake ya
    shiranu ko-no-ha no
    [Basho, 1644-1694]”

    English transliteration

    ignorance; leaf of tree


    R. H. Blyth translates Basho’s haiku as follows:

    “The leaf of some unknown tree sticking on the mushroom.”

    I showed this translation to a Japanese composer friend. He said he
    did not find it very interesting. I said, “How would you translate
    it?” Two days later he brought me the following:

    ” Mushroom does not know that leaf is sticking on it.”

    Getting the idea, I made during the next three years, the following:

    “That that’s unknown brings mushroom and leaf together.”

    And the one I prefer:

    “What leaf? What mushroom?”

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